Breast Enhancement Surgery Options For The Modern Woman

For hundreds of years, women have been attempting to enhance their busts. Ox cartilage, pills, potions, and wire contraptions are but a few of the methods that have been explored. Breast enhancement surgery became possible in the early 1960's when the silicone gel implant was invented.
There are many reasons why women choose to have work done on their breasts. Attractiveness, vitality, and age are all closely associated with the quality and size of a woman's breasts. Some argue that the media causes the want for perkier, and more voluptuous breasts today. However, it is a universal desire amongst the population for perfect breasts as they are closely associated with youth and vitality.
Women now have three options for breast enhancement surgery. Number one is the breast lift, often done on women in their mid to late thirties or those who have experienced pregnancy and breast feeding. Breast lifts make the breasts sit higher on the chest and reshape them to a more prominent and perky shape. Breast lifts restore the appearance of youthful breasts.
Currently, breast augmentation surgery is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the world. Augmentation operations are designed solely to increase the volume in a woman's breasts. In the United States, two types of breast implants are used without restriction: saline and silicone gel implants. A new type of implant is the Cohesive Gel Breast implant, or the Gummy Bear Implant. This type of implant is not yet approved by the FDA, but women who wish to try it out can sign up to become a part of the FDA's clinical trials.
Breast augmentation surgery will obviously enlarge a woman's breasts by naturally enhancing her natural breast size and shape. Implants are placed into the breast pocket either above or below the chest muscle. Again, added volume is the main intent of the surgery. Some women decide to opt for extremely large breast implants, but it is ill advised to do so. Oversized breast implants that are too large to be supported by a woman's natural body structure can set her up for problems in the near future.
While some know about breast lifts and augmentations, many do not think about the third type of breast enhancing surgery, a breast reduction. Breast reductions are performed to greatly reduce the size of a woman's bust. This is accomplished by removing fat and glandular tissue. Why do women want smaller breasts? Overly large breasts can be a pain in the neck for many women, literally.
When breasts are too large for a woman's structure, chronic neck pain and back pain are common occurrences. The added weight sitting on the chest also limits a woman's athletic abilities - some types of bodily movement can actually become painful to perform. Another reason why women may want a smaller pair of breasts is that women with large bosoms are often harassed and treated poorly amongst their peers. Self-esteem is a very important factor in the human psyche, and being made fun of because of what you were given by Mother Nature is not something any person should have to live with.
Breast enhancement surgery is an option for any woman that could benefit from the surgery and has the means to pay for it. Being attractive is a huge factor in developing a strong self of confidence and self-esteem. Contact a plastic surgeon to find out what he can do to enhance your breasts.

Can a Woman Only Give Simple Seductive Advices? Or Can She Teach PUA Routines? The Post-Modern Woman

As much as women/girls, when asked, like to give their view on this delicate yet essential topic (i.e. Seduction), are they the most capable to identify the secrets of the attraction mechanisms that govern their mind? Many men and PUA(s) (Pickup Artist) sincerely doubt (with reasons) that girls are of any help in the matter. Because basic advices like dress well, smell good, be fun... are quite useless. But things seem to change with the emergence of a new type of woman: The Post-Modern Woman. But, before to describe that new type of woman, let's try to answer the question(s) asked in our title.
I think we can discern 3 possible answers to this question, which correspond to the 3 steps into the reflection process (intuition, doubt, truth) we should all have when it comes to women advice about seduction (and/or dating).
1- The shortest and intuitive answer.
Of course they can, No one can know better what they like/dislike and what turns them on. That's simple reasoning: We want to attract women. They are women. So they are undoubtedly the most qualified to enlighten us on how to properly and effectively seduce them.
2- Really?
The first (intuitive, seemingly logical) answer is usually (but not always as we'll see later) wrong. The best and common example is the nice guy paradox: Women will always say that they want a good guy who likes them and show it, can be caring, gentle, thoughtful... But then, when these «nice guys» present themselves they are dismissed from the 'potential lover' category to the 'friend' one... Let's just be friends (LJBF), they say. And girls go for the «bad guy» as soon as they get the chance to do so.
So, here are the 3 main reasons why women can't help:
a) Logical vs. Emotional Mind.
When trying to answer this question, women use their logical mind. So, to put it simply, instead of describing what really push their (emotional) buttons, they explain what they believe to be attractive in a man. Well, flash news, 90% of the time, their emotional mind isn't in sync with their logical one... At all.
And, please, don't forget that what is emotionally desirable and exciting isn't necessarily logically/socially acceptable and positive for them, their image. It's often quite the opposite. So, don't be so quick to blame them to (don't be helpful but), in reality, don't paint a socially negative portrait of themselves. They don't want to be judged by you nor by themselves as 'bad girls'. 'Society' puts already quite the pressure on them. No need to masochistically add some by themselves.
b) Conscious vs. Unconscious.
When answering, they most likely access the conscious part of their brain, when the truth and real secrets of their attraction 'mechanisms' are essentially UN-conscious. Therefore they cannot be of productive help since they simply don't know what truly and unconsciously seduce/attract them. And this is not exclusive to women. Who objectively know who they really are?
c) The image of the (Alpha) Male.
Finally and honestly, they don't want to help you finding out what makes them 'tic'. Not to knowingly and sadistically prevent you from 'success', but because, deep in the back of their mind, resides the idea that you should be able to discover it by yourself. They want you to correspond to the image of the male they have imprinted in their brain since childhood.
A true (Alpha) Male or a Natural (someone who never read any PUA material yet is very successful with women) doesn't need guidance nor advices. He knows and/or do. He IS (intrinsically and naturally) attractive.
3- The Post-Modern Woman
Why the heck do we need this concept of P-MW for? We already have the Modern Woman who assumes perfectly her sexuality and is more or less free of the guilt/pressure society and men try to put on her... Well, because as much as the MW is sexually independent and open-minded, it doesn't make her more knowledgeable of her own deeper inner desires and fears.
The Post-Modern Woman is...
She is able to, not only accept and embrace her emotional/unconscious mind, but to rationalize, access it and express herself on the subject as well. And this, without shame nor guilt. She's beyond self-recrimination now. So she understands that sharing and unveiling her emotional/attraction processes is perfectly acceptable when properly explained and presented. It's even beneficial for her.
So, that's what she does. She is a sociologist, a psychologist, have followed some psychology/psychoanalysis classes (or read books on the subject)... Or she is a dating & seduction consultant/coach. Meaning she can give you (if you're a man) a direct access to the girls' mind (and pants) through tips, advices, techniques... Even PUA routines.
And, this time, better than what any man (PUA) could do. Now that she is free of her own guilt AND aware of her emotional and unconscious mind, she'll be the greatest seduction teacher, ever. We work with the best (if not only one, due to the uniqueness of the approach) ones.


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